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Aga Khan Museum Engagement | Love Photos Toronto Wedding Photographer | Christine + Chito

Although there are numerous locations to shoot and engagement session, few compare to the Aga Khan Museum in Mid Town Toronto. First thing's first, there is a photography permit fee for the Aga Khan Museum and it runs about $250 at time of writing. And yes... they do check, we had a security guard approach us and thankfully disperse other parties that did not have a booking.

When I had initially spoken to Chirstine she mentioned that she always dreamed of having her engagement shoot done at the Aga Khan for one simple reason, the setting just screams Christine & Chito. The grounds are beautiful, the water features are tranquil and the architecture is breathtakingly modern and pure, needless to say there wasn't a shortage of ways and ideas for the shoot.

Location aside - Christine & Chito - take up a modelling - seriously! I absolutely loved every moment of this engagement shoot and even though the weather called for a light jacket Christine & Chito managed to heat things up!

Aga Khan Museum Engagement

Aga Khan Museum Engagement

Aga Khan Museum

Toronto Wedding Photographer

Aga Khan Museum Engagement

​ ​​  Aga Khan Engagement

Toronto Wedding

Oshawa Wedding Photographer

Durham Region Wedding Photographer

Love Photos Oshawa

Aga Khan Engagement

Toronto Engagement

Love Photos Oshawa Wedding Photographer

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