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Milbrook Engagement | Kristen & Matt | Fall Forest Engagement

Prior to Kristen & Matt's engagement I've heard of Millbrook for 2 reasons; 1. as pretty place to get married in and specifically at the Milbrook Cathedral and 2. a town with a lot of new housing development. Aside from that I didn't know much about Milbrook.

Kristen and Matt will be tying the knot at one of my favourite venues, Whispering Springs. Although there are plenty of spots at the Springs to take engagement photos without duplicating any of them on the wedding day Kristen and Matt wanted something a bit more casual and wanted to include their new puppy in the shoot. Matt used to play hockey at the arena in Milbrook and after scoping out the area the suggested it to me.

The Milbrook Conservation area is very pretty, particularly in the Fall. Unlike some conservation areas near bigger cities or towns this one feel like a true forest. It provided plenty of opportunity for Kristen and Matt's puppy to run around while we took the photos. Unfortunately there was no visible sunset that day as the sky was very overcast, not that it mattered in the forest. However by the time we came out of the forest the clouds parted and the moon was visible right above the dam - great timing.

I had an absolute blast shooting Kristen and Matt's engagement photos and can't wait for their wedding next year.

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