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Whispering Springs Fall Engagement Shoot | Katrina & Alex

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

The number of unique photo spots Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat never ceases to amaze me. When we initially planned this fall engagement shoot we were debating on adding on a second location but we quickly realized that we really didn’t need to.

Whispering Springs provides couples the opportunity to have their engagement photos taken on site. I often discourage couples from taking engagement photos at the venue where they will be getting married, however, Whispering Springs is the exception.

The main reason why I discourage engagement shoots at a wedding venue is because I feel like there is no need to duplicate photos on the wedding day and that wedding day photos should be unique. However, Whispering Springs is a massive outdoor retreat / glamping hot spot and there is no shortage of pretty hidden nooks and gorgeous vistas.

I've used math and did some calculations and there is absolutely no way to get to all of the best spots at Whispering Springs on a wedding day. Even with a first look and ample time for photos before and after the ceremony as well as at sunset there is just no physical way to cover all the different spots around the property.

When we were planning Katrina & Alex's engagement shoot we booked twice the time that we usually do and had a meticulously timed the plan for the shoot, after all our timer was the sunset and the views from the Whispering Springs sign are just incredible. We settled on the pond in the row boat, a few quick photos by the tents, a couple of minutes with the horses, a romantic picnic and sunset by the sign. As far as what's left for the wedding, the forest, bridges, paths and the hill at the entrance. Of course there are many more spots but with 200 acres to explore there just isn't enough time in one day.

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