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5 Things you need to know before ordering a wedding album from your wedding photographer

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

As a Durham Region Wedding Photographer for the last number of years I’ve printed a good number of Wedding Albums and wanted to share my knowledge with you.

I photographed my very first (solo) Toronto wedding back in 2011; the very next thing I was asked after I delivered the digital photos was to print a wedding photo book. It was a daunting task to source a printer that provided a good balance between price and quality. Fast forward many years later we have landed on a printer that provides brides and grooms just that, quality wedding photo albums at an unbelievable value.

Without further a due, top 5 things you need to know about your wedding photography album:

5. It’s not a photo book…

A photo book generally refers to a press printed book that can be obtained, usually for cheap from one of the many online retailers and big box stores. The pages are thin and are essentially of magazine print quality. Even when terms like “extra thick”, “layflat” and “super glossy” are thrown around you are still getting a cheaply made album that will not do your photos any justice.

A Flushmount wedding albums is made up of lab quality photo prints mounted on thick substrate. Each spread is a single sheet of photo paper and is coated to protect the image and pages. The pages won’t bend or crease and are perfect for showcasing extra wide spreads. The binding is also “library quality” so that your album will stand the test of time

4. It's the way your photos were meant to be showcased

When we edit our photos we fine tune the colours and add our own signature look to them. Then the photos are delivered online... unfortunately what that means is that due to the quality and colour profiles of various screens i.e. your own computer vs your phone vs your office computer vs your tv you can get some wildly different results. The only way to really showcase what your photos are supposed to look like (unless you own a colour calibrated monitor) is to print them. The feedback that we get is that whoever orders an album is blown away by how the final product looks.

3. You can’t get all the photos in there!

We usually hand pick the top 60-80 photos from the wedding that tells the best story of the day. Our albums cap out at 30 pages as we use the thickest substrate in the industry, which limits the number of photos we can use. By sticking to under 100 photos we ensure that all of the photos are large enough to be visible and yet the layout doesn’t feel too crowded.

I’m a strong believer that less is more (to an extent) and when you showcase the album to your friends, relatives and co-workers it will satisfy most people’s craving to see photos of your wedding. You may have those few who will want to see all 600 – 900 photos from your wedding day, we recommend sharing the link to your online gallery with them, included in all of packages.

2. It takes time to make one

Although we have our own predesigned pre-sets each wedding is unique and each album tells a unique story of your big day. Our albums go through multiple steps and you get to see the proof prior to printing the album. On average the design process takes 2 weeks and printing and delivery can take around 4 weeks or so.

1. You should get one

No really, you really should. Your wedding day photos will be beautiful and you need to show them off! A wedding album that can sit on your coffee table is the perfect way to display them.

Contact us for more info!

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