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Cherry Beach Engagement | Jennifer and Yoni | Love Photos | Toronto Wedding Photographer

I think this is about the right time to post Jennifer and Yoni's engagement shoot. The leaves are changing, the temperature is cooling and we can just sit back and reminisce about the warm summer beach days.

When I met with Jennifer and Yoni I quickly learned that a beach engagement is a must (awesome, some of my favourites). Jennifer is from Nova Scotia and to her the beach is her second home. Unfortunately we have nothing close to what the coast line offers in Eastern Canada (if you've never been, go right now!!) so we had do make due with the shores of Lake Ontario.

We chose Cherry Beach and despite our best efforts to ensure that it wasn't super busy (we went on a weekday) there was an event happening. Luckily everyone started dispersing as the sun started setting and we stumbled upon a secret and desolate spot - the off leash dog park. There must have been only 1 or 2 dogs in the entire area, and pretty much no other people around.

Enjoy the photos!

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