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Durham Region Backyard Wedding | Amber & Mark | Micro Wedding Photographer

The realities of 2020 meant that many couples couldn't tie the knot as restrictions limited which venues could be open. Even if venues were open there were extensive restrictions on guest counts, timing and the type of celebrations that could take place. Some couples were still able to get married but with very reduced guest counts, some postponed all together and some like Amber & Mark decided to tie the knot but postpone the reception. I shot a good number of backyard weddings in 2020 and one common factor amongst all of them was the intimacy celebrated by the close family and friends.

Amber and Mark postponed their reception at a golf course to the Spring of 2021 and opted to legally get married at Mark's parent's backyard in Pickering. For this celebration only the closest family members were invited and after a short ceremony we headed to one of my favourite parts of Pickering, Frenchman's Bay Park West. Although I also like the other side of the Bay at the bottom of Liverpool with the Marina, Cape Cod style homes and small shops, it's much busier. The West side is quieter, has an expansive beach and overall has a completely different character. I'm not joking when I say this, but pick the right clothing and get the sunlight just right and it genuinely looks like you're on a California beach and not near a body of fresh water north of the 43rd parallel.

I had a blast shooting Amber & Mark's backyard micro wedding and can't wait for their bigger celebration this year!

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