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Jenn and Justin, Proposal

As a Toronto Wedding Photographer I am prepared for pretty much any assignment and although I've documented both weddings and engagements, I've never been to, let alone document a proposal. When Justin contacted me and explained that he wanted to propose to his long time girlfriend and now fiancee, Jenn, I just couldn't pass up the opprotunity.

Jenn is a big fan of Disney and specifically the Disney film Tangled. Justin planned the proposal with a scene in mind from Tangled where the lanterns are released over the castle. My understanding is that multiple sites were being considered for the site of the proposal, however Justin's parents' backyard was chosen as it was easier to control external factors.

Justin setup the backyard and invited a few of their closest friends to light and release the lanterns as he proposed to Jenn. He proposed as a song from Disney's Tangled was playing in the background. The proposal went off without a hitch aside from a few uncooperative lanterns.

This was definitely one of the most creative and interesting proposals that I have heard of. This being a secret meant that everyone had to hide until Jenn walked into the backyard. This in turn complicated the shoot a bit as it eliminated any ability to use large lights on light stands as it would have spoiled the surprise. The backyard was very dark aside from some ambient light coming in and the glow of tiki torches and lanterns that were being lit as Jenn walked in. Armed with my trusty full frame Canon 5D mkIII, a fast lens and a strobe with a light modifier I was able to capture the mood and the atmosphere of the setting.

Once more, massive congratulations to Jenn and Justin and definitely looking forward to your wedding!

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