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About us

We built Love Photos & Films around our passion for film & photography and our own personal experience. We know that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives and our photographs and films will serve as heirlooms for many years to come. We know which moments to look for and how to craft photos and films that don't just look pretty but also transport you and your loved ones back to your wedding day

We are super easy to work with, responsive and dedicated to our couples and our craft. If you're after gorgeous, timeless photos and films that won't go out of style in a decade and would like a photographer and/or vid-eographer who is easy to work with but will also guide you along the process, then we are a great fit.

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What our couples say about us

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Heidi & Adam

"Oleg at Love Photos & Films absolutely blew us away. If you're looking for a photogra- pher/videogra- pher, trust me when I say you need look no further! It was one of the best vendor decisions we made for our wedding day"

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Kailee & Kyle

Oleg was absolutely outstanding.
The photos and video clips he accom- plished on such a “crappy” day were phenomenal. So much better than I could have ever expected. If you want a photographer who is beyond talent- ed, kind, hard working, funny Oleg is your guy! He truly cares about you on your big day.

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Michelle & Corey

“We cannot ex- press how in- credible our ex- perience with Oleg and love photos was! Thank you for capturing our fairy tale wed- ding and giving us memories for the rest of our


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Melissa & Kevin

Oleg was a true breeze to work with. All of our ideas seemed to flow and led to some truly amazing pictures.
If you are the creative type Oleg will work with you to make your dreams come true and not to worry for those less creative like myself Oleg will help scope out beautiful locations and poses. I also loved how he cap- tures the emotion in the moment and that everything isn't so "smile for the camera" or pose-like.


Wedding Videography

We don't look at a wedding film as simply a video and something to go along with your wedding photos. Our wedding films are an heirloom that will be passed down to generations to come so that they can see and understand the deep love and connection that you share for each other. The biggest differentiator between a wedding film and a wedding album is that through a film you can hear the voices, laughter and joy of those closest to you. In still photos you can see that someone was experiencing a joyful or emotional moment but in film you get immersed in that moment and experience it for yourself.

Our approach to wedding videography is story first and emotion driven. We take this approach to handcraft a unique film that authentically represents our couples and their wedding day. We know we've done our job well when people who haven't met the couple tell us they balled their eyes out when they watched one of our films. 

 A wedding film is no longer an add on but rather an essential part of the documentation process of a wedding day, which is why 9 out of 10 of our couples hire us for both stills and film. Although most of our couples choose us for both photography and film we also take on a select number of wedding in either or.


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