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York Mills Gallery Wedding | Nadia & Derek | Alexander Muir Gardens Wedding

One of the things I try to figure out with couples who have their wedding in the city is where to take photos post ceremony or for the first look and prior to the reception. Some venue are better than other with their outdoor space as most banquet halls are often situated in an industrial area.

The York Mills Gallery is one of those gems that has a dedicated outdoor space where they can even host an outdoor ceremony - spoiler alert, we used that location for sunset photos. The other outdoor space was a bit trickier as there is a fine balance between, location, availability and cost. There are plenty of beautiful locations in Toronto, however getting to them on a Friday afternoon an be challenging when factoring Toronto’s notorious rush hour traffic.

Nadia and Derek chose the Blessed Sacrament Church on Yonge st for the wedding Ceremony. The church itself provides a gorgeous backdrop, however it is pretty much right across from Alexander Muir Memorial gardens, one of the city’s most sought after parks for wedding photos.

The parks feature plenty of green space, blooming flowers and a gorgeous double stair case that’s perfect to pose a couple or even the entire bridal party.

The remainder of the night took place in the beautifully decorated York Mills Gallery. Nadia and Derek incorporated cherry blossom trees, the most amazing wedding I have EVER seen - made by one of their friends. They finished off the night with a Beaver Tails Station - a perfect addition since Nadia is from Ottawa and Ottawa is of course known for the Parliament and Beavertails in the Market and on the Canal in the winter.

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