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Trillium Trails Oshawa Wedding, Rainy Winter Wedding | High School Sweethearts | Kailee and Kyle

Few couples can say that their wedding date broke a record. For Kailee and Kyle what we hoped would be a winter wonderland wedding turned out to be the rainiest January 11th on record. In fact more rain fell on that one single day than what was expected throughout the entire month of January. News casts and meterological service were advising everyone to stay indoors and reconsider going out. Roads and train track in Toronto were flooded and many people couldn't get from on end of the city to the other.

None of this could dampen Kailee and Kyle's spirits. Although the weather threw a curve ball at them nothing could stop them from declaring their love and commitment to each other that day.

Kailee and Kyle and are High School Sweethearts. They met in High School when Kailee's family moved Stoufville. It wasn't love at first sight but as they got to know each other better they realized that they were perfect for each other. Kailee and Kyle are so in tune that while Kailee was studying interior design Kyle was busy starting his construction and renovation company. They eventually joined forces and have been remodelling homes ever since; they literally built their home together. Kailee and Kyle renovated and expanded a century house which they along with their puppy Calla call their home.

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