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Trillium Trails Wedding | Kandice & Justin | Love Photos | Oshawa Wedding Photographer

Couples who are engaged or are soon to be engaged ask me if I have a number of favourite venues that I enjoy shooting at. My answer ALWAYS includes Trillium Trails in Oshawa and no, not just because it’s a 10 minute drive from me.

I really enjoy photographing at Trillium Trails because of a few reasons:

A. It’s gorgeous: One look at the grounds and you’ll understand why; there’s a pond, bridges, multiple paths and a fantastic tree line and tree coverage for when it’s super bright and hot outside.

B. The staff are awesome, on point and super accommodating. Every time I’ve been at Trillium Trails I’ve genuinely enjoyed my experience there and having seen MANY behind the scenes works of weddings, I can safely say that their process, setup and customer service is awesome. - Full disclosure, I am in no way shape or form affiliated with Trillium, this is just my own personal experience and reflection.

C. They are an all in one location in Durham Region: I often talk about the logistics and many moving parts of the wedding day. Having an all in one location really simplifies the day/timeline and alleviates a lot of stress. The ceremony can take place either indoors or outdoors, there is a separate (spacious) cocktail hour area and the reception of course takes place on site. This means that if the couple that I’m working with opts not to do a first look, the 90 minutes that we get during the cocktail hour are used very efficiently and time isn't spent on transportation and transit.

It was such a pleasure to be a part Kandice and Justin’s wedding. Kandice and Justin share a passion for the outdoors and craft beer (yes, there was craft beer at the wedding). Many of the decor items were coordinated with their hobbies. I can definitely say that I was hands down impressed and was dieing to get a succulent for the next 3 weeks following the wedding - I did however stop myself because, for the life of me I can not care for plants.

Enjoy the photos, lot’s of wedding inspiration below:

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