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Trent University Engagement Shoot | Emily & Jeremy

I always harp about how when a photo location is meaningful to the couple it adds another layer to the story. Whenever the couple looks back at the photos in 5, 10, 15, 50 years time those photos will be paired with the positive feelings and emotions that they experienced at that location.

This last point brings me to this engagement shoot; Emily and Jeremy met at the rowing club at Trent University. Since they were both a part of the rowing team they spent quite a bit of time on the river and immersed in the scenery. I don’t think there would have been a better location to do their engagement shoot. Also, how are university grounds so gorgeous??? I went to York and it definitely did not look like this…

What made this shoot even more sentimental is that Jeremy’s father had handbuilt the canoe that they used.

Because we were going to use the canoe and the university grounds we planned for a 2 hour shoot. This gave us ample time to get some shots with the canoe and then get land shots just as the sun was setting and of course enough time to get the drone up in the air.

Looking forward to being back up there Peterborough way for another engagement shoot this coming summer!

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