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Royal Ashburn Golf Club Wedding | Amanda & Alex

I think it's pretty hard to describe in words Amanda & Alex's wedding at the Royal Ashburn. From the first moment that I met them I knew that their wedding was going to be a good time and we were a good fit - I think Amanda and Alex thought so too as they reviewed me even prior to the engagement shoot.

I think what is most difficult to describe with many of the weddings that I go to is the feeling that I get when I'm there, this wedding was no exception. I genuinely felt like I was hanging out among friends, from the first moment when I walked into their house where the Guy's were getting ready, up to the last few hours of the night when the guests were up to crazy and fun shenanigans.

The golf course was beautiful and has no shortage of beautiful spots for couples to take photos, they even drove us around in a golf cart so that we could maximize around time. My favourite standout feature, a direct view to the sunset - which we unfortunately missed. If you follow my work you probably have already noticed that my favourite time shoot is at sunset and I love those gorgeous backlit photos. Sadly the weather was changing and the sun was hidden behind the clouds. This was unfortunate but it wasn't the end of the world, I knew that if we waited a little bit longer we'd get that gorgeous post sunset glow (the tail end of the golden hour). The result was spectacular and completely made up for the lack of a sunset.

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