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Trinity College School | Kristie & Jeremy | Port Hope Wedding

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

I felt deceived and confused - when I learned that Kristie and Jeremy's groomsmen weren't life long friends but rather most have just met a few days before the wedding. I hope this sets the precedence for this wedding; I had an absolutely ridiculous amount of fun at Kristie and Jeremy's wedding and felt like I spent the day amongst old friends - the kicker, I had only met Kristie and Jeremy on their wedding day.

To backtrack a bit. Kristie grew up in Port Hope and Trinity College School was like a second home to her, when it came time for post secondary she moved to the Maryland where she met Jeremy. During the planning we were in contact over the phone but understandably hadn't met prior. Since the location played such and integral part in her life and she had moved permanently south of the Border, it only made sense to have the wedding on the school grounds.

Kristie and Jeremy's bridal party comprised of siblings, university and childhood friends. Many stories were told that day about the couple and every single one was heartfelt and moving.

When the time came to party, the school grounds were definitely shaking and the live band kept everyone moving.

I should probably mention, Kristie and Jeremy were amazing and didn't let the less than ideal weather bother them. Yes, I always say that overcast is better for photos (and it is), but when it starts spitting during the family formals you are bound to wonder what will happen to the rest of the photos. Luckily the rain held back and it started pouring minutes after the couple's grand entrance.

Rain in the evening usually also means that the sunset session just turns into an evening session (you can't see the sun behind 100% overcast skies). However, just before the sun set over the horizon, the skies completely cleared and we got both the most amazing sunset and the most beautiful rainbow over purple skies - completely unbelievable - I swear it happened, I have witnesses.

P.s. I don't know if it's just me, but when I saw the school and then throughout the wedding, Hedwig's theme kept on playing in my head (that's the main Harry Potter theme song for the muggles out there).

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