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Should I Do a Photobooth at a Wedding? | Love Photos | Oshawa Wedding Photographer

The photobooth as a transition tool

This post is partly inspired by a recent actual photobooth that I saw at Markville Mall and partially by the feedback that I got from setting up a photobooth at one of my own recent events.

Photobooth have come a very long way from the old style mall photobooth where 1 or 2 people could have their pictures taken at the same time. Photobooths now print with much better quality, have the option to upload to social media and some even have the option of doing video clips.

One of the highlights from a recent event that we did is the feedback that we got from our guests. They simply could not get enough of the photobooth that we setup and it was definitely one of the highlights of the party.

As cool as it is to have a photobooth at your wedding so that guests can have great keepsakes it can also be used as a really powerful tool.

You get photos of all your guests

As a wedding photographer I take a good number of candids but I stay away from taking photos of guests during dinner. Let's face it, you don't want photos of you with a mouthful, neither do your guests. But once you introduce an environment where there are props and a space where multiple people can act silly you get a whole different perspective of your guests and a lot more fun photos that they will want to take and you will want to look at.

It can act as a transition tool

If you decide to do a reveal you may not have this problem, but if you decide to do bridal photos after the ceremony and have a significant gap between the ceremony and reception you then run into the problem of what your guests are going to do during that time. Your guests can only do so much during the cocktail hour, but if you then add a photobooth to the mix you can now occupy groups of guests during your bridal shoot.

It can get your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor

Depending on the layout of your reception area we maybe as to setup the photobooth adjacent to the dance floor. Your guests will see that others are having fun and it will encourage the rest of them to get up and make their way to the photobooth. Once their up they will likely stay on the dancefloor. This will avoid that awkward stage where your DJ is trying their hardest but your guests are all sitting at their tables.

Bottom line, a photobooth is a really cool and fun way to engage your guests. They are usually very affordable and will leave your guests with an awesome keepsakes and you with lots of fun photos of guests that you can look back to.

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