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Oakville Lake Front Elopement | Agata & Igor | Gairloch Gardens Wedding

When the pandemic threw a wrench in Agata & Igor's wedding plans, instead of postponing (for the second time) they tied the knot in a very intimate elopement in the picturesque Gariloch Gardens in Oakville.

Igor is one of my oldest friends and we were all looking forward to his and Agata's wedding. Our daughter was even supposed to be the flower girl (we had a dress and all for her). Unfortunately the pandemic changed their plans as it did for many other couples.

Since Agata and Igor were planning on moving back to Alberta, postponing the wedding for the second time wasn't really an option. Agata and Igor tied the knot on the Oakville waterfront with Igor's sister as one of their witnesses and me as the other. The plan was for the parents to take part in the wedding day through the wedding and ceremony films.

Although the wedding turned out to be smaller than originally planned, it was absolutely perfect.

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