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Guild Inn Estate Wedding | Brianne and Justin| Scarborough Wedding Photography and Videography

The Guild Inn has long been a favourite spot of mine an absolutely gorgeous venue situated on the Scarborough Bluffs. I like the spot so much that my wife and I had our engagement photos taken on the grounds (many years ago). The Inn has had a long and interesting history first starting out as a private residence originally owned by Colonel Harold Bickford, it changed hands a few times until the second world war when it was leased by the government for the Royal Women’s Naval Service. In the 60’s it was converted to a hotel and became a retreat popular with the Artisans community. It operated like that for a number of decades until it started to decline, by 2001 it was sitting empty, disused and became completely fenced inn. Fast forward a few years later, the Inn was bought out by Dynamic Hospitality and Entertainment Group Inc, become an extremely popular and very well regarded entertainment and wedding venue.

Side note - those random sculptures all around the park - those are facades of old buildings from around Toronto that have been demolished. How wild is that??

One thing to keep in mind, the Guild Inn grounds are run by the City of Toronto so you will need a permit for photography in the park (Around $300) regardless of whether the wedding takes place at the Guild or not.

The wedding at the Guild was phenomenal. I had the opportunity to get to know Brianne and Justin over their engagement shoot in the fall. They are some of the most genuine and easy going people that I have ever met. They are avid travellers and have some pretty epic travel stories to share, Africa, South East Asia you name it.

For Brianne and Justin we did a full day of photo coverage along with a highlight film.


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