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Fields on West Lake Wedding | Stephanie & Jamie | Barn Wedding Prince Edward County

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

I'd like to preface that I love all types of weddings, various locations and different venues, but there is just something special about the wedding day when you get really get out of the city and shoot a barn wedding on a farm. This wedding had instantly become more special because Stephanie and Jamie got married on July 1st, Canada Day, which also turned out to be one of the hottest July 1st’s on record.

When I met with Stephanie and Jamie they asked me if I’d be ok driving out to Fields on West Lake in Bloomfield, ON, it is after all about a 2 and a half ish hour drive from the city. I said absolutely, I love Prince Edward County, it’s such a beautiful part of our province, I’m a big fan of outdoor weddings and there’s pie on the way. If you haven’t been to the Big Apple in Colborne, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! It’s a must stop when travelling either East or West on the 401 in the Belleville - Toronto Corridor, it’s super busy these days but the pie is so so worth it!

When I arrived at the Venue, I was floored, I saw photos of the place; but the place is just gorgeous. The sprawling farm, the rustic yet chicly decorated barn, the many heritage inspired decor pieces in the inn rooms. Everything meshed really well together and there was just no and I mean zero, nada, zilch, not any shortage of gorgeous and amazing backdrops. I felt like everywhere I point the camera yielded an amazing backdrop. We did have to keep in mind that we had to stay in the shade quite a bit because it was just uncomfortably hot, and I’m ok, my wife outfitted me with some awesome Lululemon shirts but I’m also not the one wearing a three piece suit or a wedding dress.

The rest of the evening was just as amazing, filled with laughter, tears, roasts and many, many Simpsons jokes courtesy of the M.C. - You don’t make friends with salad, am I right?

And what Canada day wouldn’t be complete without some pyrotechnics, Stephanie and Jamie opted for the classic and very classy sparkler tunnel and that wrapped up an amazing wedding and a fantastic Canada day.

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