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Fall Hilton Falls Engagement Shoot | Heidi & Adam

The Fall and Waterfalls - is there a better combination?

Arguably a waterfall looks beautiful regardless of the season, but when you combine it with changing leaves and a nice gentle flow of a Fall stream there is just something special about that.

Heidi and Adam will be getting married at one of my favourite venues, Whispering Springs, a gorgeous glamping getaway 90 minutes east of the big city. Based on their wedding venue it won't surprise anyone to find out that Heidi and Adam are big nature buffs. They frequent the trails at Hilton Falls and it has become a very sentimental spot for them. I always encourage picking an engagement shoot spot that holds some sort of meaning for the couple and for Heidi and Adam, Hilton Falls was that perfect spot.

Can't wait for the wedding at Whispering Springs!

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