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COVID Postponed Wedding | Letters on Original Wedding Day | Hailey & Jamie | Durham Videographer

Hailey and Jamie were set to get married on June 13th, 2020. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus Pandemic they've had to cancel their original wedding date and postpone the wedding until a future date. Hailey and Jamie still wanted to mark their original wedding date by doing a photo shoot and reading notes to each other.

I feel for everyone of my couples who have had to change their plans due to Covid. Just because the date has changed doesn’t mean that you can’t make the original day special as well. Maybe celebrate to anniversaries??

P.s. where we were moved to phase 2 of reopening just a day before the scheduled shoot, what impeccable timing!

When we were planning the shoot I recommended adding a video component. In this day an age I feel like video is no longer an add on to photos. I think video is equally as important. As much as photos depict what the day looked like it's very difficult to convey emotion and the feeling of being there. You can spend 30 minutes looking at a thousand photos from a wedding day and get a good sense of what the day looked like and not even blink. But a 60 second or even a 4 minute film can make hear and feel what it was like and you might even shed a tear.

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