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Lucy & Jason | Crystal Fountain | Markham Wedding

For Lucy and Jason's wedding I was back at one of may favourite venues in Markham, Crystal Fountain. It's an absolutely gorgeous venue, a stone's throw away from my old home. The last time I was at Crystal Fountain was coincidentally on the exact same weekend the year prior (and the weather was the same too)!!

Lucy and Jason had a church ceremony in Oshawa and we elected to do the bridal party and couple photos at the Oshawa Botanical Gardens (right next to the children's arena). It's a beautiful spot on the Oshawa Creek and unless it's the Peony festival it's quiet and seldom used. The questionable weather may have also contributed to the quiet atmosphere. The awesome couple also braved the rain for a few backlit rain photos. By the time we packed up and arrived at Crystal Fountain it was as if it hadn't rained at all.

A particular instance during the wedding that stuck in my mind - many cultures have a shoe game. In the Polish culture a relative steals the brides' shoe and the groom has to buy it back. The cost - a large bottle of polish vodka (nor beer nor wine would do the trick!)

If you've been following my work, you know how much I love shooting at sunset. For our sunset session we crossed the road to a hydro field which provides a direct view of the sunset.

For this wedding Julian was second shooting for me which helped me get that awesome 3 camera angle spin and kiss - that was all one shot - no redo's or retakes.

Enjoy the film and the photos below:

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