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Calgary & Banff Wedding | Tanya & David

I love to travel, I will admit, even though I was not seasoned traveller until I met Ronak over 15 years ago I soon caught the travel bug. Ronak and Tanya pretty much grew up together and their friendship transcended distance and time. To this day I have no idea how they do it, they talk weekly and know everything that's going on in each other's lives. This baffles me especially because I usually get updates through social about some of my closest friends (you know who you are).

When Tanya asked me to photograph her wedding it was a no brainer decision, I knew we'd be going to the wedding anyways. The biggest challenge to navigate was how to occupy our 2 year old while I'm capturing the wedding and Ronak is at the front of the room with Tanya. The logistics ended up working out and this turned out to be an amazing semi-working vacation. I managed to squeeze a pre-wedding meeting with Makaila and Colin who got married a few weeks later in Toronto (but live in Calgary) amongst the hustle and bustle of wedding prep, the actual wedding and a brief jaunt to Jasper and Banff.

After the wedding we packed up and headed for the mountains, where we went to a few of our favourite spots, I'm sad to report that on this trip I did not see the northern lights in Jasper (I saw them there 3 years prior at approximately the same time of the year), we did see wild bears on the side of the road (but kept a safe distance). On our way back to Banff we met up with Tanya and David and did a post wedding shoot at Lake Minnewanka just outside of Banff. Unfortunately the smoke from the Alberta wildfires had reached Banff that day which added a haze to the photos. Although I would have preferred a clear sky, the haze with a higher positioned sun created some beautiful soft light and the effect was similar to what we'd expect on an overcast day.

For this wedding I was shooting both photo and video alone.

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