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Ashley & Azul | The Vue | Multi Day Indian Wedding

I LOVE INDIAN WEDDINGS! A good number of our friends are South Asian and we have been to our fair share of Indian weddings - insert authenticity quote. - I've even been to an amazing Indian wedding in Gujarat, India; it was a very wild 6 days, that included me almost missing my flight in Dubai, my friends playing a practical joke and buying me the thickest Kurta that they could find, a detour in Goa and getting stranded by Air India in New Delhi! All in 6 days!

That aside, what I love about Indian weddings aside from Indian food (thank you Deepak and Jaspreet for dragging me out to that random Indian buffet in Hamilton forever ago), is the colour, the atmosphere and the culture. Every Indian wedding that I've been to, it's just been beautiful - the entire multi day event. When Ashley and Azul told me that they will be having both an Indian ceremony and a quick western ceremony I said "wow, I can't wait!"

The Hindu ceremony too place in a historic Markham community Centre and when it came down to the photo sessions it was no contest - a random farm field across the road at sunset - simply gorgeous.

Ashely and Azul were officially wed at the Hindu ceremony and had a bit of a mock ceremony and the reception the next day at the Vue at the Royal Woodbine Golf Course.

The weather started out a bit sketchy but as we started counting down to the ceremony the clouds dispersed. For bridal party and bride and groom photos we went down to the golf course - which - is also in a direct landing path for Runways 23/24 at Pearson. It was a little bit of a big deal for me because I'm a bit of an airplane geek and the last photo in this post will also explain why.

I was doing both photography and cinematography for this wedding alone.

Enjoy the film and the photos below!

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