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Trillium Trails Fall Wedding | Amanda & Dylan

They say expect the unexpected on your wedding, I don’t think anyone expected a snow storm in October though.

Amanda & Dylan tied the knot at one of my favourite local venues, Trillium Trails Banquet and Conference Centre - Google it, one of my photos shows up as their Google listing.

I love the venue for a number of reasons;

1. The grounds, Trillium has absolutely magnificent grounds, a large pond that on most days produces unreal reflections (and a fountain) and no shortage of photo locations

2. The venue itself, if you are looking for exposed wood and a rustic yet elegant feel, look no further (I also dig the second floor balcony)

3. Proximity, Trillium Trails is very close to Oshawa and is super easy to get to from anywhere in Durham Region - this can play a big role when determining how guests will get to the wedding and back home.

Both Amanda and Dylan opted to get ready in the venue, Amanda took the second floor, the bridal suite and the window facing east and Dylan got ready in the spacious cocktail area. For this wedding we opted to do a first look right before the ceremony which took place on the porch of the venue as the weather was looking a bit sour.

After a quick indoor ceremony we went to the cocktail area to do the family photos but ultimately decided to go outside on the deck as the snow started coming down. This required quite a bit of strategy as we wanted to keep everyone indoors and warm for as long as possible.

Once all of the family formals wrapped up I gave Amanda and Dylan about 15 minutes to defrost and mingle with guests before I took them outside for some bride and groom photos. The snow fall continued to come down strong and once we went out, we worked in double time as it was fairly cold outside; the results ended up being some of my favourite photos of the year. The genuine and candid interactions between Amanda and Dylan paired with the falling snow created a killer combination. This being the end of October, the sun was setting before the formal start of the reception, I once again brought Amanda & Dyland to warm up and then took them outside just past sunset for some backlit twilight photos.

The rest of the night was celebrated with Amanda’s Dad’s band rocking Trillium Trails while our photobooth was running in the cocktail hour area.

Although the snow was unexpected it created for some gorgeous and unforgettable photos and videos.

Trillium Trails Winter Wedding

Trillium Trails Wedding

Trillium Trails Wedding

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