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Sue Ann Staff Winery Wedding | Amanda & Shaun | Niagara Winery Wedding

There is just something special about winery weddings. You get the beauty and expanse of the great outdoors and yet there is still so much elegance. I've mentioned it in my previous posts but I absolutely love shooting at "All-in-1" locations, whether a winery, golf course, farm or even a country inn, the elimination of travel between the ceremony, reception and photo location simplifies the day, maximizes efficiency and alleviates quite a bit of stress.

After a brief getting ready session with the guys in Grimsby I headed over to the Winery to capture some of the bridal getting ready photos in their pictureque barn turned bridal suite.

Amanda and Shaun elected to do a first look because they wanted to maximize the amount of time they spent with their guests. Doing a first look stretches out the day a little but it ensure that the majority of the photos are done before the ceremony, provides for a very intimate way to see each other on the wedding day for the first time and usually helps with some of the pre-wedding jitters.

The rest of the day was filled with fun, laughter and shenanigans (like the rigging of the Hershey's kisses bucket, a great kissing game option). After the sun almost set we went out for some photos during the blue hour and the sky was just phenomenal. The pruples of the sky were contrasted with the deep green of the vineyard and just made for a jaw dropping combination.

The day couldn't have turned out better, enjoy the photos!

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