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Angus Glen Golf Course Wedding | Samantha & Ricky | York Region Wedding Photographer

What I find is one of the most interesting aspects of being a wedding photographer is that it's not like a regular job. You don't clock in and clock out and leave your work once you're done for the day, rather you form relationships and interact with many (often hundreds) of people on the couple's most important day. After many years of doing this, I still can't get over the fact that I often walk into a wedding day as a vendor and walk out feeling like I've just spent the day with some very close friends. It's actually pretty wild, a photographer is there during many of the most intimate moments of the day, is there to share in the moments of happiness and calm moments of anxiety. It's a huge privilege and an honour to be a part of someone's wedding day. When I walked through the door of Ricky's parent's house, I felt the energy and already knew how the wedding day was going to unfold. I met an amazing group of gentlemen, most of whom were in a band together (48 Caliber) and an equally awesome group of ladies. As the day unfolded on the beautiful grounds of Angus Glen Golf Course in Markham, the stories, which still resonate with me gave me insights into dynamics of the group and just how amazing Ricky and Samantha are.

Although I came into the day as a vendor I left the day feeling like a long time friend.

The venue itself:

Angus Glen is an award winning golf course which is located in York Region. Although it received many accolades before, it was also used for the Pan Am games. Typically the wedding ceremony takes place either on the patio or in the tent; thereafter golf carts are provided to shuttle the bride and groom along with the bridal party to the old barn which overlooks a pond and provides vistas of the expansive golf course. Aside from using the barn couples can also elect to use the coyote trail, which gives the impression that ones is in a forest. One other huge bonus point in my opinion is that all of the halls overlook the sunset and make it extremely easy to slip out of the reception for some awesome sunset photos.

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