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Ajax Waterfront Wedding | Karlene & Gary | Pickering Recreation Centre Wedding | Durham Region W

Karlene and Gary are a very no nonsense kind of couple. During our meeting Karlene's specific instructions were "Oleg we trust you, do your thing all we want are some nice photos."

The entire wedding day was planned from an efficiency stand point, the getting ready, ceremony, photo location and reception were all in very close proximity between Pickering and Ajax.

The day started at one of my favourite getting ready locations in Durham Region, the Homewood Suites in Ajax. The main reason why I like the suites is because they really are suites. The rooms have a "living area" and 2 bedrooms with separate bathrooms. This allows the getting ready as well as the staging of the details to happen in separate spaces. Unlike other hotels this one doesn't feel crowded when the bridal party is getting ready.

The ceremony took place at the Pickering Pentacostal Church which is adjacent to a picturesque field and is on a country road. One of the groomsmen mentioned that he was getting a Boyz 2 Men kind of vibe with the flying V formation that we did with the groomsmen (epic!)

The actual photos were taken at the Ajax waterfront at Veteran's Point Gardens. It's a really spacious location that almost seems abandoned compared to how busy the Rotary park gets. This is a huge bonus point as it allowed us to use the entire space with very few onlookers getting into our photos. Huge bonus point, there is an awesome field which provides a completely different feel and creates the illusion that we are no longer near the big city.

The rest of the night was celebrated at the beautifully decorated Pickering Recreational Complex. The space was huge and accommodated all of Karlene and Gary's friends and family.

Enjoy the photos!

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