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Parkview Manor Wedding | Shanée and Kadeen | Love Photos | Toronto and Durham Region Wedding Photogr

Have you ever gone somewhere and right away felt that you know everyone and that you are just a part of the whole experience?

To sum it up, that was Shanée and Kadeen’s wedding for me.

Let me backtrack, I’ve known Shanée and Kadeen for sometime now. Shanée was a part of the bridal party at her mom’s wedding, who’s wedding I photographed back in 2016. I met Kadeen at the reception; I took a photo of Shanée and Kadeen and as I was editing I took a little bit longer looking at it and at that moment I just knew that they were going to get married.

Fast forward a year later I get a text from Shanée asking whether I was available for her wedding in 2018, to say the least, I was honoured.

Walking into the wedding I knew exactly what to expect as it was coordinated by Joanna of Yorkville Events (who also coordinated Shanee’s mom’s wedding). Joanna is probably one of the most organized and detailed oriented people that I have met, so I knew that as far as timing everything would be accounted for and spot on.

In a wedding day efficiency is key. Generally it is best to have as many moving parts and locations as close to each other as possible. Every location was thoroughly thought of to be as close to the other as possible.

Shanée and Kadeen tied the knot at the Agapi Temple in Pickering after which we took family and some bridal party photos at Kadeen’s parents home, down the road. For additional bridal party and bride and groom photos we opted to use Progress Frenchman’s Bay East Park for a few reasons. Although a small park it fit the bill well, it was very close to Kadeen’s parents house, the backdrop was Frenchman’s Bay and it was relatively quiet compared to how busy Millenium Square is and the entire boardwalk at the bottom of Liverpool.

The rest of the night was celebrated at the beautifully decorated Parkview Manor. The venue was large and airy and the attention to detail was second to none.

As always, whenever possible I encourage my couples to take sunset photos. Because Parkview Manor is in a more commercial/industrial area I opted to shoot from the parking lot and include the tree-line. It definitely worked and is a good alternative when the timeline doesn't permit for travel to a different spot.

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