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Cobourg Wedding | Amanda & Greg | Country Sunset Wedding Photos | Love Photos | Cobourg Wedding

Do you ever see something and you think to yourself, yes, that fits the bill perfectly? It could be that artwork that perfectly fits your decor, a new spice that works well with a dish, a good coffee and pastry combo, in Greg’s case, his suit (more on that later) and in my case a backdrop for a photo shoot.

On my drive up to take the groom prep photos I was awestruck with how beautiful the countryside is around Cobourg, just a few minutes north of the highway I saw a field and I just knew that that it would be THE spot for some amazing sunset photos. Think open field, distant tree line, bales of hay (or straw, not sure which is which) and a perfect line of sight to the setting sun.

Amanda and Greg did mention that sunset photos were important, the only problem was that we were trying to disrupt the reception as little as possible and the location was a 9 minute drive from the venue.

I suggested that field even though it was a bit further than I would have liked as I knew that Greg and Amanda were willing to go the distance (pun intended, this one is for you Greg) for their photos, after all, we did their engagement shoot at Tiffany Falls in Hamilton… In the middle of February… with the snow falling and bone chilling wind gusts... jackets off.

The challenge was to time our exit just right so that we still get the sun above the tree line and have as little interruption to the reception as possible. All in all we were gone for 30 minutes, I checked the time stamps, our shoot lasted for 12 minutes and every minute of it was 100% worth it.

If you’re wondering how the rest of the day went, let’s just say that, “It suits me,” reads the custom tag inside Greg’s wedding jacket. The day was filled with fun, laughter and many many puns.

One of my other favourite moments during this wedding was the bubble exit at the church, it was just phenomenal. I rarely see couples doing this here and I’ve been told that it’s because it’s a very American thing to do (Amanda’s family is from US), but it’s just SO AWESOME! I think what also made it so epic is that Greg and Amanda provided bubbles for ALL of the guests who attended to ceremony; that’s 100+ people. That plus the energy of the day made that moment so epic.

A special thank you to best man who ensured that my lightstand wouldn’t fly off of a cliff and drove the couple to the sunset shoot location.

Toronto Bubble Exit

Toronto Farm Sunset Wedding

Cobourg Sunset Wedding

Farm Sunset Wedding

Durham Region Farm Wedding

Durham Region Sunset Wedding

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