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Crystal Fountain and Main St. Unionville Wedding | Julia + David | Toronto Rainy Wedding| Macedonian

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

If you've been following my blog or know a little bit about me you know that I currently call Oshawa and Durham Region home. I will proudly say that my roots reach back to Markham and after moving around quite a bit as a kid I started high school in Markham and stayed there until my wife and I moved to Oshawa about 6 years ago.

Markham is not the same Markham that it was 15 years ago, the population almost doubled and the farm lands are now all but gone and have made way to new suburban communities.

Growing up in Markham there wasn't much to do. You would end up the mall on a weekday, at the movies (First Markham Place) on a Friday and on Main St. Unionville on the Saturday. This of course has dramatically changed and there's a Starbucks pretty much on every corner (there were only 2 before, Main St. Unionville and the Chapters at First Markham).

Markham as you can tell has a lot of nostalgia, memories and just a part of me that will always feel at home in that part of the GTA.

Julia and David's Wedding combined quite a bit of that nostalgia with an interesting new twist.

The break down:

David's getting ready - near Main St. Markham - where Ronak grew up and where I would find my self quite often.

The Ceremony - The Macedonian church on Main St. Markham - again close to where I used to spend quite a bit of time and also where we would go when we wanted to alternate between the two Main St.'s (Unionville and Markham)

The bridal photos - Toogood Pond - Where we found ourselves as teen's when we couldn't stay at the Starbucks or Dairy Queen any longer

The Reception - Crystal Fountain - A stones throw away from where I grew up

----------The final twist--------

Julia's Getting ready - At her parent's house - literally a 2 minute walk from my parent's new place (yes they moved to Oshawa from Markham after we did).

As far as the wedding, it was definitely awesome. First, Julia and David were absolutely amazing, it rained on their wedding day; their solution - embrace it and use the umbrella's that I carry in my car. We later went to the Hilton in Markham as our rainy day backup (photo tip, awesome photo spot, rain or shine). For sunset photos, I didn't need to do any convincing to drag them out to the hydro field in front of crystal fountain. Julia joked that it catered to her country roots.

The Macedonian including the pig dance, breaking of the bread and the group dance were incredibly fun and were absolutely inline with the rest of the day, fun, light hearted and absolutely joyous.

Second Photographer: Cristina Velasco

Hair/Makeup : Bellissima The Salon

Reception / Wedding Hall: Crystal Fountain Event Venue

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