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Toronto Sunrise Engagement | Nancy & Chris | Love Photos | Toronto Wedding Photographer

Almost a year apart I was back at Colonel Samuel Smith Park in Etobicoke for Nancy and Chris’ sunset engagement shoot. Almost a year prior I shot Corrine and Shamell’s engagement shoot there.

I have to give Nancy and Chris kudos, we had a 5:30am start to catch the sunrise over the city skyline, which is one of the reasons why I keep coming back here. The other reason is that unlike Humber Bay East, this one doesn't require a photo permit.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park is a gorgeous small peninsula that sticks into lake Ontario. Many bird watchers congregate on the area right after sunrise, but before and during the park was all to ourselves.

Waking up this early was a challenge but it definitely paid off. We caught the entire sunset including the sun rising from the horizon next to the city skyline; definitely worth it.

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