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Tiffany Falls Hamilton Winter Engagement Shoot | Amanda + Greg | Love Photos Hamilton Wedding Photog

Full disclosure, my wife lived about a 20 minute walk from Tiffany Falls for a numbers of years (many years ago) and we only ended up going to the falls last year. Mind you, we;ve been to many other Hamilton area waterfalls, but for some reason never ended up at the closest one's to us.

Greg lives in Hamilton and it definitely made sense to shoot Amanda and Greg's engagement photos there. Amanda always pictured her engagement photos in the winter and thus Tiffany's Falls became a very appealing option, particularly because of the very easy access compared to the other falls in the area. We met on chilly January day and trekked to the falls on a particularly slippery walkway. After a few Lord of the Rings references and some questionable footings on the path we arrived at Tiffany's Falls. Tiffany's Falls was actually ranked as one of the top 10 winter activities around the GTA by Blog TO and they were not wrong. The falls were frozen with a few streams of water cascading down the rock face, truly a breathtaking sight.

After spending the majority of our shoot at the falls we scooted down to the Hamilton Harbour area where we took some more photos. The skates went on and so did the jackets as one could really feel the cold wind out in the open.

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