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Corinne + Shamell | Kleinburg | Paradise Banquet Hall | Love Photos York Region Wedding Photographer

When Corrine and I were chatting about potential locations for their wedding shoot a number of locations have come up. Because the wedding took place towards the end of November weather was a very serious consideration. I’m a big fan of fall shoots and have talked about the advantages of a fall wedding but the reality is that I move around quite a bit during a shoot and I’m not wearing an open garment. The cold is a factor and some couples are more comfortable with it than others. Corrine and I looked at a variety of indoor photography options but ultimately nothing fit the bill due to either the exuberant permit pricing or just the look of the location. We ultimately decided to stick with our original location of Historic Kleinburg. To put it quite plainly, it was perfect.

Corinne, Shamell and their bridal party embraced the chilly weather and had fun while at it, luckily the limo was on standby not too far away. Because Corinne and Shamell had a later ceremony it mean that the wedding photos had to be done prior to them walking down the aisle. It also mean that the scheduling for the day fit perfectly like a glove. By the time we got to Kleinburg we were in the golden hour and the sunset can be seen in multiple photos. Because it was cold outside it also meant that there was much less foot traffic through Klenburg than there would have been in the summer months which allowed us to keep the shoot streamlined with few passerbys.

The rest of the night was celebrated at the grand and fabulous Paradise Banquet and Convention Centre. They have a gorgeous white gazebo and bridge to which we were able to escape for a few final photos right before the sun set below the horizon. The evening was filled with laughter and tears and soooo much fabulous food! Side note, they make one mean espresso!

Enjoy the photos and congratulations to Corinne and Shamell!

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