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The Lake House Pickering Wedding | Laurissa & Jeremy | Love Photos | Durham Region Wedding Phot

I absolutely love the Pickering lake front, I’ve been coming here since I was kid and have seen the area grow and transform. Over the past 2 decades Liverpool rd right by the lake has been built to resemble a small Atlantic coast town with restaurants, cafes and boutique shops. Later on, the millenium square was built and a boardwalk was made along the lake stretching from the power plant to the inlet of the bay.

When I talk about the Pickering lakeshore and Frenchman’s Bay I usually refer to them, unofficially, as the east and west beaches. The east beach has a beautiful boardwalk and connects to Liverpool rd and is often busier. The west portion is much quieter, has a rotary park next to it and stretches as far as the Petticoat Conservation Area, it’s a haven for kite boarders and offers beautiful stretches of often empty sandy beach.

I love having wedding and engagement shoots in this area and this year I was lucky enough to shoot a wedding at The Lake House in Pickering. The Lake House is a 2 storey restaurant on the East Side of Frenchman’s bay, adjacent to the marina. It’s a beautiful venue situated in a perfect location.

This meant that Laurissa and Jeremy really didn’t need to travel far to find an awesome backdrop for their wedding photos. The couple opted to do their bridal party and couple photos prior to the ceremony and we decided on the West Beach as the starting spot. It was particularly empty given the chilly fall temperatures and overcast skies which was perfect and gave the illusion that the couple were on a secret beach somewhere else (definitely not in the GTA).

Promptly after the ceremony we continued with the shoot just steps from The lake House at the marina. Even though there was a break in the clouds in the far off distance it started to rain where we were, we broke out the umbrella and continued shooting.

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