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Jessica + Stefan | Trillium Trails | Oshawa Wedding | Love Photos Oshawa Wedding Photographer

Earlier in the year I was raving about photo spots that are hidden gems in Oshawa; Trillium Trails is definitely at the top of the list. When I initially met with Jessica and Stefan we talked about the prospects of taking the wedding photos off location but ultimately decided to stick with Trillium Trails.

The venue feature ponds and gardens that create an absolutely gorgeous backdrop for an outdoor ceremony and provide an ample number of different photo opportunities. Jessica and Stefan’s wedding day was one of the first official fall days of 2017, which also happened to be one of the hottest days on record. We were able to use the shade from the multitude of trees to create a more comfortable atmosphere for the photoshoot.

One distinct advantage of Spring and Fall weddings are the shorter days, meaning that typically the cocktail hour (when the photos are usually taken) coincides with the golden hour (when the sky’s turn orange and purple.) Once the sun started setting and the harsh casts from the direct sunlight started disappearing we ventured out into the micro peninsula in the pond and managed to capture of my favourite images of 2017.

The inside of the venue looks almost like a chalet with exposed wood beams and a balcony overlooking a large open space allowing for some very unique shots.

Enjoy the photos!

Trillium Trails

Trillium Trails