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Markham Unionville Wedding | Dayna + Chris | Love Photos | York Region Wedding Photographer

I grew up in Markham, back in the day a small town, now a city and the high tech hub of York Region. When I met with Dayna and Chris and started creating a wedding photography plan for their big we decided that the best location for their wedding photos would be at Toogood Pond just off of Main St. Unionville. Toogood is a really beautiful spot right next to the Historic Village of Unionville and worked really well with the location of the ceremony, the Hilton Zen Garden in Markham as well as the reception, Crystal Fountain Event Venue.

I was over the moon in crafting the plan as the locations and particularly Main St. were our old roaming grounds in High School, I can think of too many times when we walked up and down Main St, bought Jones soda at the Starbucks and ended up with a scoop or two of ice cream from the Old Firehall ice cream shop.

The Zen Garden at the Hilton in Markham made for a gorgeous backdrop for Dayna and Chris’s wedding ceremony and formal photos. We got extremely lucky as it rained right before the ceremony and cleared up just in time for the bridal party to walk in. A special nod to the groomsmen who placed pool towels on all the wet chairs.

The rest of the day was a beautiful, clear and hot summer afternoon. The rich vegetation and deep tree cover of Toogood Pond made it a pleasant escape from the heat.

The rest of the evening was celebrated at Crystal Fountain Event Venue. The atmosphere was fun and lively and the addition of a photobooth allowed guests to get some really fun photos of couples and groups, particularly memorable, the group of high school friends.

Congratulations Dayna and Chris!

Enjoy, the photos from this beautiful Markham Unionville Wedding.

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