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Peterborough Farm Wedding | Rebecca + Connor | Love Photos | Durham Region Wedding Photographer

I travel to quite a few places around the Greater Toronto Area and although the majority of my couples are in and around the region I'll never turn down to photograph an awesome wedding outside of the city. When Rebecca and Connor booked me to shoot their farm wedding in Peterborough they knew that I was the right person for the job because A. they liked my work and B. I knew the 4 houses in Harry Potter (I'm a Slytherin in case anyone wonders).

The wedding was of course awesome, there were the occasional references to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings but what really made the wedding special were the people and the amount of DIY work that everyone put into the wedding. A special shoutout goes to Heather, Rebecca's sister/bridesmaid and owner at Bumbleberry Bistro in Peterborough who made the cake and the cupcakes, delish!

Then there was the farm (Connor's family owns it), it's a working farm, it's real, it's rustic and it's a beautiful piece of land. Any direction that I would turn would be another beautiful backdrop for a photo, just stunning. On that note, thanks Connor for explaining to me the difference between what hay and straw look like.

Now to the important part, enjoy the photos!

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