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Oshawa Summer Wedding | Club Loreley | Alison + Karl | Love Photos | Oshawa Wedding Photographer

Serendipity - the occurrence or development of events in a happy or beneficial way.

When Alison, Karl and I first started planning their wedding shoot we were more than certain that we would do their bridal photos at Lakeview Park in Oshawa. As I wrote in a number of my previous posts I truly believe that it's a hidden gem in Durham Region, particularly when it comes to photography. What made Lakeview Park even more special was that that's where Alison and Karl had their first date and that's where Karl proposed to Alison. The plan was set l, we scouted the location and had everything prepped, then the bad news came, Lakeview Park was going to be the host location for the Oshawa rib fest that same weekend. This was a no go for us as the crowds and lack of parking would make it impossible to have a distraction free bridal shoot.

That week Alison and Karl set out to look for other parks close to their Church and landed at Somerset Park in Oshawa. Somerset is a nice secluded park that's wooded on 3 sides with a creek flowing through it at one end. The location was perfect and fairly quiet. What I wasn't aware of when I quickly scoped out Somerset Park was that it was also right under the landing path of small planes at the Oshawa Airport.

Realizing that Alison and Karl wanted to see if I could somehow integrate a landing plane into of the shots. Thinking on my feet I setup the shot inside the classic police car, had my camera and lights ready to go and waited for the perfect moment. Although we couldn't get those sentimental photos at Lakeview Park we managed to get a serendipitous photo that turned out to be completely epic. Alison and Karl celebrated the rest of the night at Club Loreley in Oshawa.

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