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Edwards / Botanical Gardens & Scarborough Convention Centre Wedding | Christine + Chito | Love P

I always love being part of new experiences, customs and particularly wedding traditions. In that sense I was privileged to be a part of and photograph Christine and Chitos wedding. Christine and Chito have been planning their wedding while living in two different parts of the country, Christine in Toronto and Chito in Calgary. Although this was an added challenge in the end everything came together beautifully particularly for the number of events that the couple had. The wedding in its entirety consisted of 4 components, a church ceremony, a traditional African ceremony, an outdoor ceremony at Edwards Gardens’ and a reception at Scarborough Convention Centre.

The most unique part of the celebrations for me was the African Ceremony. The colours, music and tradition were truly unique and it was a sight to behold. The traditions carried over to the full day wedding and were further incorporated in the dancing at the convention centre.

As a wedding photographer each day posed a unique perspective and a different opportunity to capture something new. From the different getting ready and posed pictures, to the venues and the various celebrations. I absolutely loved being a part of Christine and Chito’s big day(s) enjoy their photos and check out their engagement shoot at the Agha Khan from earlier this year.

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