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Lakview Park Oshawa Engagement | Joscelyn & Kevin | Love Photos Durham Region Wedding Photograph

There are many locations for a wedding photographer to take photos in Durham Region. When Joscelyn and Kevin asked for suggestions on a backdrop for their engagement photos I quickly suggested one of may favourite spots in Durham Region, a hidden gem that is Lakeview Park.

I’ve done multiple shoots at Lakeview Park in Oshawa and have others planned, one of the main reasons for this is that no single shoot looks the same. Although there are similar elements and landmarks that repeat, like the fountain and tree lined walkway every shoot is very unique and is very different than another.

Kevin and Joscelyn picked a beautiful Saturday morning to their shoot and it was just perfect. The early morning light was still soft enough to take some awesome photos, we got a bit of the remnant of the sunrise and most importantly it wasn’t busy.

Lakeview park is definitely not the only spot that I like to visit for shoots in Durham Region but by far it is one of my favourites, truly a hidden gem.

Enjoy the photos!

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