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Advice to Brides & Grooms: Ask for help, use your friends| A Durham Region Photographer’s Take |

My wife and I have been married for almost 4 years and have just under a month until our bundle of joy arrives. This of course meant that we should throw a baby shower, or at least I (thought so) as it was a surprise for my better half. This baby shower was a huge undertaking, considering the number of people I wanted to invite (we like to have all of our friends there to celebrate big occasions.)

I turned to some of our closest friends, who also happened to be the bridesmaids at our wedding, I think that was very fitting. They put in an incredible amount of time, energy and resources in making sure that our (Harry Potter) themed baby shower was a success.

As a wedding photographer in Durham Region I meet with a lot of couples. Some brides and grooms aren't stressed at all about their weddings and some are. When I dig deeper I usually find out that they are stressed because they are undertaking the entire wedding on their own. Usually when I ask why they aren't recruiting their friends and families to help they say “they are really busy”, “I don't want to bother them” or “this is my event and I'm responsible for it.”

Here's the thing, you just need to ask for help, don't think about it, do it. Chances are that the people you'd ask are the people who'd ask you for help when the time came. I couldn't pull off the baby shower on my own even if I tried to, it was the dedication of our close friends and family members that made it a success.

By asking other people to help you out (even if you have a wedding planner) you will make your wedding an event you are looking forward to, rather than an event you're looking forward to getting over with (because you're so stressed). Naturally this will also yield better photos as you’ll be much more relaxed :)

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