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Wedding Photos in the Rain | Love Photos Oshawa Wedding Photographer | Durham Region Wedding Photogr

Oh boy, you checked the weather forecast and it calls for rain, no what?!

Apparently rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring you good luck, but does that mean that everything is ruined? What about those ideal outdoor photos that you wanted to do, where are you going to have your photos done now?

Well, not all is lost – that is if you have a backup plan, you do have a backup plan right???

Having your wedding in Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area in general has a lot of benefits, including a broad selection of backdrops for your wedding photos.

The inevitable truth is that there are an average of 10 rainy days each month for the most popular wedding months (July, August and September) with June being the exception with 11 days. Now that you know this, what can you do?

Option A: Get married somewhere sunny

Option B: Create a plan with your wedding photographer

When choosing a wedding photographer ensure that they have a rainy wedding in their portfolio, if you can’t see it ask for it, a rainy engagement session won’t do. You can easily change the time, location and parameters of an engagement session, you can’t do that with a wedding.

Some points to consider, is there an option to take photos indoors, if the indoors are boring can your photographer create exciting or dramatic photos with what’s available, are you brave enough to go outside, what if it’s only drizzling?

A good photographer should be able to make it work, if the scene is really mundane there are options to apply different lighting styles to make the photos more dramatic etc…

If it’s just plain raining and you are ok with being outside in the rain (when are you going to wear that wedding dress again) you can always take an umbrella (this wedding photographer always carries one) and take some photos that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

The most important part is be prepared, have a plan and if it rains, it rains, don’t sweat it and enjoy your big day!

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