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Jenn + Justin Engagement Shoot

We were pretty fortunate to be a part of and document Justin’s proposal to Jenn last month. Needless to say that I was really excited when they asked me to take their engagement photos the next month. They were going up to Bruce Peninsula and I figured that it would be the perfect opportunity to take their photos there. I’ve been to Bruce Peninsula multiple times and know that it can get really busy throughout the day, which is why I suggested Singing Sands beach, literally across the road from Bruce. Singing sands is a beautiful long beach with shallow waters, similar to Wasaga, the difference, it’s very quiet and there are very few people there because the main attractions are either across the road at Bruce, 15 minutes north in Tobermory or 45 minutes south at Sauble Beach.

Jenn and Justin… Simply put, are a very fun and easy going couple! We usually have a lot of fun with our couples on shoots but these two were something else, probably the most fun I’ve ever had during an engagement shoot. Ronak really knows her stuff and she setup the couple in different poses and settings, however, shortly there after they went in their own direction, which was a real hoot.

We went for a country themed engagement and the scenery was very fitting. The sunset really illuminated the couple and in some of the photos the specs that you see in the background are dragonflies as the beach really came alive at sunset. Lucky for us the abundance of dragonflies meant that there were very few, if any mosquitoes (whew…).

One of the coolest ideas for photos from the shoot came from Justin, he wanted to incorporate the moon in some of the shots. I was able to utilize the environment to make that happen (spoiler alert: Jenn and Justin stood on a picnic table).

This is what we love to do; we love to make our couples feel at ease and have fun during the shoot, can’t wait until Jenn and Justin’s wedding in 2018!

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