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Kenzy + Ryan Engagement Shoot

My original post disappeared when I changed the formatting of the website so I am re-writing this post. When Kenzy and Ryan approached me about wedding photography I had already been shooting professionally for about 6 years and doing a variety of assignments. At this point I already had years of experience shooting weddings, engagements, portraits etc.. however Ryan and Kenzy were the catalyst in my re-branding efforts. At that point I knew that I solely wanted to focus all of my energy on wedding and engagement photography and that's when Love Photos was born and Oleg Valin Creative slowed down.

Kenzy and Ryan wanted to have their engagement photos taken at Richmond Green, a beautiful suburban park in Richmond Hill and a popular spot for wedding photography in York Region, probably second to Unionville Main Street. They had the amazing idea of incorporating their puppy, Hudson, into some of the photos, he was fidgety but a nice snack got his attention.

Richmond Green permits are broken down into sections and one of my favourite parts of the park are the man made waterfalls. They make a great backdrop, focal point and provide for an infinite amount of photo possibilities.

The rest of the park is gorgeous as well and although it can get quite busy we still managed to find a few quiet (and shaded) spots. We didn't get a chance to walk through the entire park as there were other engagements and wedding shoots happening at the same time and the heat was quite unbearable, particularly for Tucker.

Ronak and I really enjoyed photographing Ryan and Kenzy's engagement shoot. Both Ryan and Kenzy were awesome and super easy to work with and braved the mid day summer heat like troopers. We are definitely look forward to capturing their wedding this September at the Angus Glen Golf Club.

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