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Review of Claireport Place Banquet & Convention Centre

As a Toronto based wedding photographer I am often asked to share my views on various vendors and venues. As part of my blog I will continue to post photos of events, engagements and weddings but I will also post some reviews on various venues that I attend. I think it’s important to gain a perspective from multiple points of view in order accurately evaluate a venue for an event as important as a wedding.

Claireport place owners have been in the business of restaurant operation for over 25 years and have been managing banquet halls for over 20 years. Overall Claireport Place Banquet & Convention Centre is a fantastic venue; this is coming from someone who has been to many banquet halls. The exterior of the hall definitely leaves a positive impression and provides multiple spots for various photos. The Roman columns at the front and sides of the building are lit at night and will provide plenty of photo opportunities. There are entrances on either sides of the building, which lead into the main reception area, like the outside the inside is wonderfully decorated and the centre piece is a beautiful white grand piano.

The stairs lead to the bridal suite and have a view of a grand chandelier with a small balcony overlooking the downstairs reception area. One thing to keep in mind is that the upstairs floor has fairly low ceilings (which is fairly typical) so photographers should keep an eye out on the flash power as to not suppress the ambient light.

Claireport Place is divided into two banquet halls, the banquet hall are tastefully decorated with beautiful ambient lights. From personal observation and experience the service by the staff is top notch, they were very caring and attentive. What really impressed me is that the staff would continually keep checking in with me when operating the fog machine and various light effects in order to ensure that our timing would be synced and so that would be able to catch the shot. This kind of level of service continued with the wait staff who genuinely tried to ensure that everything was perfect.

As for the location of Claireport Place Banquet & Convention Centre, it’s well located just off of the major highways and is serviced by the TTC, which should accommodate all guests. The only thing to keep in mind is that like many other banquet halls, Claireport Place is located in a light industrial area, meaning that aside from the hall itself there are few photo opportunities in the immediate area surrounding the hall.

Overall, a top notch venue with top notch service, highly recommended.

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