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1 King West Wedding | Toronto Destination Wedding | Danny and Valencia

If you live in LA and other half lives in New York and you have family in the Continental United States and England; where is the best place to get married.

Simple, Toronto, 1 King West Specifically. Danny and Valencia met purely by chance but then faced a long distance relationship. They would each travel to the opposite coast of the United States to spend time with one another.

When time came to pick a location for their wedding, they faced the hard decision of figuring out the best location for their guests to travel. Toronto ended up being a front runner due to the friendly atmosphere and generally more lax travel requirements.

The wedding itself was absolutely gorgeous.

The ceremony was held in the Austin Gallery while the reception took place in the beautifully decorated Grand Banking Hall. Since the wedding took place in late Fall the post ceremony photo session was in sync with the sunset. This was matched with a phenomenon where the sunset lines up with the streets of downtown.

Although busy at 5pm the downtown core at King st. Allowed us to capture some very unique and Toronto-esque photos.

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